The Search For Jesus Tomb

Why would a Jewish man search for Jesus’ tomb?

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Traditionally, the Jewish people have tried to distance themselves from Jesus of Nazareth for the last two thousand years. The observant Jews were not allowed to enter any church or read any of the New Testament books. Despite being a Jew in the religious sense, Jesus of Nazareth is mainly associated with Christianity or the founder of Christianity.

It is highly unusual for a Jewish man to search for Jesus’ tomb under any circumstances. However, in this new age, many Jewish archaeologists would search for anything related to Israel’s ancient times, including a search for Jesus’ tomb.

For Moshe Ben Joseph, the decision to search for Jesus’ tomb was not clear-cut. Also, the task itself was not easy at all. There are only a handful of locations in the world that most people agree is the “exact spot” where the biblical event occurred. His decision for that search originated from his desire to understand a certain knowledge he found himself faced with. A burden of knowledge that haunts its possessor, followed by a desire to see whether the knowledge acquired holds its worth. That knowledge led him to disregard any of these taboos that the Jewish Rabies placed for many centuries.

Once he read the four Books of the New Testament, he became more intrigued and was more motivated than ever to validate the truth that was bestowed upon him from a source that he did not understand. It became clear that he possessed more information than in these books, and that is when the search for Jesus’ tomb started.

Intrigued by this information, Ben Joseph began a search that culminated in the actual finding of Jesus’ tomb, his mother, and his five disciples from the village of Capernaum.

The search led to a greater understanding of what took place in Israel two thousand years ago. Ben Joseph was now able to piece together all this information, everything seemed to fit in its place according to the biblical account, and the story of Jesus became clear to him.

He now understood what exactly happened and why. It became clear to him that the Jewish Pharisees misunderstood some of Jesus’ actions. For example, the transfiguration event on mount Tabor was clearly misunderstood by everyone, both Christian and Jews.

Another event that everyone misunderstood is the teaching of Jesus at age twelve on the grounds of the Jewish temple. This teaching was nothing more than what every Jewish boy who is twelve years of age going on thirteen who celebrates his Bar-Mitzva celebration in which he is required to teach a certain passage in the Torah.

There are many more such misunderstood events. To clear these and other issues up, Ben Joseph decided to publish his book “The search for Jesus’ Tomb” after thirty-one years of refusing to do so.

At the start of his search, Ben Joseph did not expect to find any of the findings that he did since he thought that the information provided was too fantastic to be true. However, the actual findings proved him wrong.

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