The Search For Jesus Tomb

Unexplained Knowledge Regarding Jesus’ Life and Burial Site

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What is revelation? Is it divine knowledge bestowed upon those with a greater purpose? Or a way for the deity to make his presence felt in the heart of those who have forgotten Him?

In theology and religion, revelation is generally defined as the disclosure or revealing of knowledge that was hidden before. There is no telling through what medium or source the information will be acquired, and it may not always be how we expect – this is one such story.

In December 1990, in North Andover, Massachusetts, a man named Moshe Ben Joseph acquired tremendous knowledge regarding Jesus’ life through mental acquisition.

Ben Joseph does not understand where this information is coming from nor why he is receiving it. To him, this felt like a divine burden on his chest that he couldn’t understand. His heart was overwhelmed with thankfulness for knowing he was connected with something beyond his imagination.

But it is clear to him that this information contains detailed knowledge of the life, death, and burial site of Jesus of Nazareth.

Ben Joseph, a Jewish man who never opened or read the New Testament, decides to read all four books of the New Testament. When he finishes reading all four books, he is stunned to find out that he possesses more information than is contained in these books.

Since Ben Joseph was a Jewish man and a scientist, he decided to investigate this unexplained information. He made arrangements to visit his family in Israel but could not execute his plans until the end of Gulf War One that was taking place in that region. He finally made it to Israel on April 1, 1991.

Over the next two weeks, Ben Joseph travels to Galilee to investigate the unexplained information provided to him from an unknown source. Indeed, all the assumptions and information that he possessed came true. At this point, nothing was impossible, and everything was unreal. Ben Joseph felt he had a bigger purpose to fulfil for the first time in his life. He did not know why he was chosen but knew his faith was now much stronger and was more connected with his spirituality.

For thirty-one years since then, Ben Joseph did not want to share this information with the world. However, He now feels that the time has come to do so. Now the question at hand was how to share that information. Ben Joseph needed a way that would not only reach the masses but also ensure that the survival of this information.

To explain his findings, Ben Joseph published a book titled “The search for Jesus’ Tomb” that contains his unexplained knowledge and things he discovered along the way, including Jesus of Nazareth’s tomb. He also wrote about his other findings, such as Mary’s burial site and the tomb of his five disciples from Capernaum.

Clearly, this information has tremendous implications for the world, which was one of the main reasons Ben Joseph did not want to publish it earlier. However, there is only one truth that is no longer hidden – It’s out there in the world. The story clearly indicates that the Lord uses our lives to impact others.

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