The Search For Jesus Tomb

What Nazareth Holds in  – History and Culture of Nazareth

What does Nazareth hold in?  There is a rich history and culture of Nazareth. Despite being one of the smallest towns on the planet, this community is home to many different cultures and sacred locations. The city’s founding is said to have occurred 4221 years ago, about 2200 BC when Nazareth was merely a small, […]

The Truth About Jesus’ Life – Couldn’t Be More Different Than You Knew

Jesus is one of the most important figures in Christianity. Depending on your religious beliefs, Jesus may or may not be the Messiah and a historical figure. There is some information about his life in the Bible, but not much is known about it from the period in which he existed. This makes it difficult […]

What Led to the Discovery of Jesus’ Tomb?

Millions of people throughout the world regard Jesus’ life and death to be a breakthrough moment in human history. The location of Jesus’ body is still a big subject of concern. Was it stolen, was it taken, or did it simply vanish into nothingness? But among these, another concerning question is, did we really find […]

The Act of Transfiguration Finally Understood!

The word “transfiguration” refers to a change of shape or appearance. One can understand Jesus’ appearance transformation through the available write-ups. However, it is hard to understand why Jesus took three of his disciples, climbed mount Tabor in lower Galilee, and then transformed himself into a being of light. What was the reason behind this […]

4 Fascinating facts about Mary

One of the most beloved figures in Scripture, Mary, the mother of Jesus, also known as Mary, Mother of God, Saint Mary, Virgin Mary, and Blessed Virgin Mary, is often regarded as the greatest of all Christian saints. She was born in Zippori Israel, 2.5 miles northwest of Nazareth. Mary was a trusting, obedient servant who […]

The Missing Twenty-Three Years of Jesus’ Life

The biblical mystery of Jesus Christ’s unaccounted years, commonly referred to as the “Lost Years,” has confused scholars and Christians for years. Biblical academics and Christians have long been perplexed by the unexplained years, commonly referred to as the “Lost Years,” of Jesus Christ between the ages of 12 and 30. There are no recorded accounts […]